Scott Böning

Software Engineer



Me in a nutshell:

  • Born in Germany
  • Relocated to Dublin, Ireland, on January 7th, 2023
  • Anglophile and a die-hard Three Lions fan
  • Huge Star Trek fan
  • Tenacious problem-solver
  • Coffee aficionado preferring light roasts prepared with my Aeropress
  • Blondes and gingers do have more fun!
  • Software engineer passionate about backend development and testing

Coding background

I started to code at the end of 2019. I wanted to change careers and studied Business Informatics for 1 semester. I learned Java and CS basics. While I enjoyed coding and CS, I did not like the rest of the curriculum, and therefore I quit. I took online courses in HTML, CSS, JS, and Python on edX, Coursera, and Codecademy.

In 2021, I enrolled in Code Institute's Full Stack Software Development course. I was appointed channel lead for the Interactive Frontend milestone project. In this function, I answered questions from fellow students in Slack and during calls, and held two webinars about Git and API responses. For all my milestone projects, I strived to exceed the requirements and follow best practices as best as I could. Examples include using branches in Git from my first milestone project on, adding a site notice and privacy policy to my projects before it was expected in the course, implementing CORS and CSP starting with my third milestone project, and implementing a full text search over multiple models in my fourth milestone project. I graduated in March 2022 and received my diploma with Merit.

Both during and after the course, I taught myself additional skills to improve my employability and time before I can be productive in my new role. Recently, I have switched to code in WSL on my PC, installed Ubuntu on my laptop, and started using pre-commit hooks. Currently, I'm refreshing and deepening my knowledge about OO in Java and taking a course in microservices architecture.


A selection of my projects in reverse chronological order.

Full Stack Frameworks CI Github actions
Screenshot with authors photo and info about coding background and some personal info
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Python Django PostgreSQL Heroku Docker
SciFi Zone
Code Institute Milestone 4 Full Stack Frameworks
Landing page screenshot for SciFi Zone showing basic info and images of invited guests
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Bulma Python Django PostgreSQL Heroku Amazon AWS Stripe Pytest
Code Institute Milestone 3 Data-centric Development
Screenshot of ST Archive showing a filtered view for all books from 'Discovery'
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Bulma Python Jinja Flask MongoDB Heroku
Coffee maestro
Code Institute Milestone 1 User-centric Frontend Development
Screenshot for Coffee Maestro showing information about the available courses
HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Bootstrap
In memoriam Whitey
My very first website
Screenshot for In memoriam Whitey showing a picture of a cat on a couch and text in German


Python Java JavaScript HTML5 CSS3
Bulma Bootstrap Django Flask Jinja jQuery
Git Github VS Code Docker PyTest Balsamiq
PostgreSQL MongoDB Heroku AWS